Wedding Disaster! O_O

First of all let me just say that i hope the people who go married on saturday will live ♥happily ever after♥ because their wedding didnt really go to plan. We arrived at the venue and it was quite nice, the tables were set out neatly and the room was dimly lit so it wasn’t too bright or too dark. Everyone was mingling and talking to each other and the old ladies were having their usual mother’s meetings. Me, my mum and auntie were talking to the cousin of the bride and i think the whole wedding atmosphere made us go a little crazy because we were all laughing at things that weren’t really funny. The waitresses were offering everyone drinks and i felt sort of sorry for them. Two hours went by and still the bride hadn’t arrived and we were all wondering where she was. Had she forgotten about the wedding?! Me and my mum were trying to figure out whether we were sat in the right place because where we were sitting looked like the area where the bride’s close family should be sitting but there was no reserved signs on the table. To be more organised i think they should have had little cards on the table saying which family should sit where like lots of other weddings. In total we ended up waiting three hours for the bride and she finally arrived followed by the groom! Why did they need to come so late? Then when they arrived it turned out that there wasn’t enough tables for everyone to sit! The waiters had to get two more tables and some chairs so everyone could sit down. Some people must have gate crashed the wedding! The wedding didn’t seem to be planned out very well. After a while we were served food on huge plates. It was wierd because the plates were really big and the food on them was tiny portions. The plates just took up to much space on the table. I think the best part was the salad at the begining because i didn’t really like the food. I think there was a bizarre substance in the food though because me and my auntie ended up very hyper and giggly. I can’t even remember what we were laughing at. All together i think we were at the wedding for about 4/5 hours and at the end the waiters were blowing out all the candle on the table so that they could tidy up. My brother decided to help so he blew out some candles and then my auntie tried to do it. She blew out the candle…literally! One of the candles was in a small glass candle holder and she blew the candle so hard that the flame went out but the candle jumped out of the candle holder and onto the table! It was a good job that the flame went out first otherwise there might have been a fire!! By the time we got home i was soooo tired and then i found out that there was another wedding two weeks later!


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